Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WDW on Fine Living

I stumbled across the listings for two programs of note that are airing on the Fine Living cable network. If you've never heard of Fine Living, look in your local cable lineup in the 100's - it's probably up there around Channel 131 between The Biography Channel and the Fox Reality Channel or other such necessary outlets of broadcasting excellence!

This Saturday night at 11:00pm ET they are airing Great Family Getaways: Orlando. Spotlighted in this show will be not only Walt Disney World but also the ever-growing Sea World resort and Universal Orlando. In addition to a Disney fix, we might also get some previews of Universal's new Simpsons ride and Sea World's new roller coaster and water park.

Then next Thursday, they've got something called What You Get For Your Money: Walt Disney World. This program promises to show you how you can visit all four Disney theme parks for under $1,600. Sounds like it might be more of a promotional piece than informative or entertaining, but as long as it features lots of footage of good ol' WDW...we'll lap it up!

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