Friday, March 28, 2008

Cinderella's Castle & Liberty Square - 1972

Here's another round of personal photographs from Walt Disney World in 1972. Again, these are just some random shots that my folks took on their honeymoon...nothing special. They do, however, offer a look at the Magic Kingdom in it's very early days. The biggest thing you'll notice in these pictures is the lack of foliage around the park. There seems to be a lot more open space in these photos. After 16 years of only having the smaller Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, Cinderella's east coast counterpart must have seemed very majestic to Disney enthusiasts at the time. This picture on the left shows the grand backside of the castle, probably from the vantage point of the Sky Ride.

Didn't there used to be alot more topiaries around the resort!? Who's idea was it to scale back the topiary budget? Check out the "tail" end of a topiary creature slinking it's way across the bottom right corner of this picture.

The Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat docked.

A very crowded queue for the Haunted Mansion. The house looks kinda different sitting there all by itself - not surrounded by big trees.


Biblioadonis aka George said...


Wonderful shots!

Jessica said...

Great shots! That topiary sea dragon is still there today in that exact same location by the Tomorrowland bridge. But I do remember there being a lot more topiaries around - I guess they save them all for the F&G Festival!

Ed South said...

My last few trips have been kid-centric, so I really haven't had the time to slow down and notice as much as I'd like. On my next trip, I'll have to slow the stroller down and look for the sea dragon topiary.