Thursday, March 13, 2008

College Road Trip

If you find yourself at the multiplex this weekend, you can't go wrong with Disney's latest offering College Road Trip. While this film probably won't inspire theme park attractions or live stage shows it does offer some good ol' Disney fun of the G-rated variety. A blend of old school slapstick and family warmth mixed with a High School Musical style hipness, Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symone make their way on a 700 mile journey to Georgetown University for a college interview. There is lots of wackiness along the way including a pig destroying a wedding, sing alongs with Donny Osmond and more taser guns than any other movie I've ever seen. The humor is silly and gentle and appropriate for everyone in the family. There isn't even as much as one bodily function joke. And whoever the casting director was that had the idea to pair Martin Lawrence and Donny Osmond together, they should get a special Oscar award.

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