Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pluto and the Adventure of the Golden Scepter

Our favorite Orlando resort serves as the setting for Pluto and the Adventure of the Golden Scepter, a 1972 edition in the classic line of Little Golden Books. This off-beat tale follows Mickey's nephew Morty and good ol' Pluto as they help the King of Cinderella's Castle relocate his missing scepter. Pluto doesn't quite understand what a scepter is, and when Morty tells him it looks like a stick the two head off into the Magic Kingdom where Pluto tracks down every kind of stick you'd find in the park. The pictures in the book offer some unique renderings of Disney World landmarks.

Pluto mistakes Minnie's riding crop for the missing scepter. Minnie looks great dressed in the classic ambassador uniform. The background offers a retro look at the original opening day Tomorrowland.

Poor Goofy! Times were tough for him in the early 70's. Goofy had to start each morning picking up trash around the park. Why, he didn't even have his own trash-picking-up stick! He had to borrow one from Humphrey Bear every day.

It turns out the missing scepter had made it's way to the Jungle Cruise where this little elephant had been using it to scratch his hot dusty back. Morty suggests that the elephant take a shower in this waterfall. "Why, he enjoyed that shower so much that he stayed there ever after. (He is now the most contented elephant-and the cleanest, too-in the whole jungle.)" A nice tie-in to something that you can actually see at the park.

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