Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mickey and Ronald Make Up?

It's been over a year since Disney and McDonald's parted ways as far as Happy Meals are concerned. Rumors indicated that Disney didn't want to be associated with Mickey D's fatty foods, while Disney insisted that the breakup was to allow other fast food chains to promote Disney films too. In the down time, neither Burger King or Wendys has had a Disney related promotion. (I did see a Hannah Montana kids meal at Subway, but that doesn't really count - does it?) This weekend marks the return of the mouse to the Golden Arches with the Year of a Million Dreams Happy Meal. It's actually more themed to the Pirate & Princess Party as all the toys are pirate or princess all depends on the gender of your child.
The boys' pirate toys are the usual assortment of action figures and pirate apparel. The girls' princess collection features eight different dress up items based on the popular princess characters. A neat twist with the girl toys, instead of the cartoon picture of each princess, the toys feature photographs of the face characters from Walt Disney World. I thought that was kind of a unique touch. All the toys come with stickers or tattoos and a collectors card that also could be a lucky winner card for a trip to WDW!
I took my boys to McDonald's tonight where they both got Pirate Bandannas. Here's also scans of the two collector cards we got...

You can see all the toys and cards at McDonald's Website.

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