Friday, March 21, 2008

Really Old WDW Resort Cards

Here's one of the cooler pieces of my little ol' Walt Disney World memorabilia collection. These are resort ID cards dating back to the first summer of operation - 1972. My parents honeymooned there and were cool enough to save this little treasure. The ID card itself is the white part which is perforated and separates from the yellow card. That's the part you're supposed to carry around with you and show the folks at the monorail station before you hop on. (Yeah, right!) The yellow part you could just throw away, but my folks saved the yellow card on the off-chance that their first born son would one day cherish every little scrap of paper produced in Walt Disney World.

It's interesting to note that these cards could be used to charge purchases to your room but only in the hotels and campground. You could not use your room account in the Magic Kingdom park.

These cards are printed on a thick paper stock, like an old library card or time clock card. Later the resort updated to thin plastic cards before moving to the thick credit card style Key to the World card that they issue now.

You can click on the image to enlarge it. Note: I used MS Paint (poorly) to white out our last name.


Craig - said...

I have some of these from our trips in the early 80's...although missing the outer portion. They have perforated edges, so I konw in the 80's they were still putting some sort of other paper around the card. Although I have no memory of what the other portion looked like.

FoxxFur said...

Hey Ed... I was inspired to reproduce this item digitally! Here it is at 200% size:
Just save the file and set it to print the same width as your original card slip to get something about the same size. It's not perfect, especially those corners and fonts. And let me know how wide it should be printed! ;)