Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Main Street U.S.A. - 1972

The other day I shared some WDW Resort ID cars from my parents' honeymoon in 1972. I've uncovered some other goodies from that trip, and today we're going to open up the family photo album and share some pics from the Magic Kingdom circa June 1972. We'll start our tour, as all visits to MK do, on Main Street U.S.A. These shots aren't earth shattering but it's always fun to see old photos of Walt Disney World, especially when you're going back to the days when the resort was only nine months old.

Here's Mickey at the 2:00 "Character Parade".

Donald waves hi from the fire truck. A nice shot of the Borden sponsored Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

I guess at this point, these parade pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

Last, we have a double decker bus making its way around Town Square.


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Ed...those Rock!

Got any more?

Jeff B said...

Great photos. It is interesting that back then the characters had to walk the parade route

Rob said...

Nice shot of an 'old' Mickey at the 2:00 character parade. I wonder what time the 2:00 character parade started back then?


Thanks for sharing those great pics -- hope there's more to come...