Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 10 Jobs I'd Like to Have in Walt Disney World

I've always envisioned myself working at Walt Disney World. It's such a great atmosphere and there are so many neat and cool things to do there that I know it's the place for me. Obviously if I could have ANY job in WDW I'd like to be a VP of something-or-other or have alot of creative input. But you gotta start somewhere, right!? This is a list of ten entry level/front line jobs that I'd like to have a shot at someday. Some of these positions I've been fascinated with since I was a child while others I just came up with to round out this list to ten! Oh...and I left off Jungle Cruise Guide and costumed character because everyone wants to do that.

10) It's a Small World Tower Waver I'm not even sure if this is still there after the latest referb, but as soon as your boat leaves the loading area it travels through a little tunnel in a tower over the waterway. There's always someone up there in the tower waving to each boat as they pass through. I'm not sure what exactly they do up in that tower but what a nice way to spend a day waving at people as they are about to ride one of the all-time greatest rides. And, unlike the rest of the free-world, I can't hear "It's A Small World" enough. I love that song! That alone makes me more qualified to work in the waving tower than most people.

9) Parking Lot Traffic Director I'm sure this job would be utterly miserable once the temperature reaches 95 degrees outside, but I've always thought the guys that direct you to your parking spot in the theme park lots had a pretty cool gig. Waving mini-vans from one attendant to the next, then down the right row to the guy at the end of the row who sends you into the right spot...or the guy in the other lane who tells you to keep pulling into the spot and then knows exactly the right moment for you to put on the breaks...that's a magical talent right there!

8) Gift Shop Working in retail is probably where the majority of my experience is. If I had to pick from any of the retail operations on property I've got it narrowed down to two. County Bounty in Mickey's Toontown Fair is one of my favorite places to shop. I know it's got the same things as just about everyother shop in the Magic Kingdom but I've always liked the atmosphere in that giant tent. That place is never empty so I bet a shift there would keep you moving around quite a bit and there would always be something to do to keep busy. Plus, being right in the heart of Toontown and so close to Mickey's house I'd feel like I was actually working for Mickey which would be exciting and keep me on my "A-game" in case Mickey ever stopped in to check up on things. (Sad, isn't it!?)

My other gift shop choice would be at the other end of the spectrum. I've always enjoyed shopping on the concourse level of the Contemporary Resort. It's quiet, relaxed, and I just love the whole feel of the Contemporary. The Fantasia shop is cool and used to have an animated Sorcerer Mickey conducting a symphony of fiber-optic lights in the background that I loved! Even though it's been gone for years, I always find myself drawn to that store after a gut-busting meal at Chef Mickey's. I also like the kiosk in the middle space between Fantasia and BVG. It's another nice relaxing spot where you can always strike up a conversation with the cast member . That would be a fun spot to work also.

7) Overnight Curbside Check-In at the Polynesian Simply put, sitting outside all night in that tropical surrounding would be an outstanding way to earn a paycheck!

6) Enchanted Tiki Room Operator Running this attraction would have three perks for me. First, you get to use the CB-style microphone to address the guests and you get to interact with the Phil Hartman and Don Rickles birds in the preshow. Second, after sitting through that show a dozen times in a row you would know every second of dialogue and ever single lighting and music clue like the back of your hand. (That would be a great investment of brain usage in my book.) And third, and most important of all, you'd get to use the big giant stick to tap Jose and wake him from his siesta. (I've always found that to be a cool element of the show.) What an honor!

5) Innoventions Spieler I would love to be the host of that home theatre demonstration, or the House of Tomorrow, or that game where you pick out where pizza toppings come from. I don't even know if any of those exhibits are still there because my last handful of trips have been toddler-centric and the march of progress can't compete with Nemo & Friends but getting back to the point...I'd like one of those jobs giving out the spiel all day long.

4) Honey, I Shrunk The Audience Operator I'm going to lose some of you here...what I love at this attraction is after the pre-show the cast member pushes the little button on the CB-style microphone and the lights dim and a spotlight rises on the cast member to give the spiel before moving into the main theatre. I know this happens other places thoughout the parks, but at this attraction you have the added duty of going up to the podium on stage and giving another spiel and being part of the show. How cool is that?

3) Boat Driver I can't swim and I'm actually kind of afraid of the water, but spending all day on a boat looks like it would be one of the more relaxing ways to spend a day. The ferry from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom is a grand little boat and the view during the trip can't be beat. It's such a great feeling being on the Seven Seas Lagoon, I imagine traveling back and fourth on it all day long would never get old. I also like the waterway that connects Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the resorts in that area. Every ride I've ever taken on those waters has been peaceful.

2)Bus Driver Driving around Walt Disney World all day long...interacting with guests...air's all good. Whenever the bus driver gets on the PA system and starts mingling with the passengers and getting everybody excited...I get all tingly! Which brings me to my number one job...

1) Guy on the Back of the Parking Lot Tram Seriously, this is where I belong. Ever since my first visit to WDW I've wanted to sit in the back of the parking lot tram and do my own little show. Telling people what stuff is going on each day, making little Disney jokes and bad puns, ratteling off the names of all the sections of the parking lot and making fun of people who can't follow directions. It would be so great just chillin' on the back of that tram with my microphone and the Florida air breezing by as my driver and I make our way through the parking lot. Magic Kingdom and the Studios are my favorite parking lots and I'd prefer the night shift. I'd love to work on nights when the Magic Kingdom is open until 2 am. That would be like having my own late night show on wheels. dream!

Driver, we're all clear!


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Nice list, Ed!

Number 7 is pretty cool. never woulda thought of that one.

My dream job, even though it isn't at WDW, would be working in the Walt Disney Archives.

FoxxFur said...

Hiya Ed;

The person who waves to you in Small World is controlling the ride. They're basically monitoring people getting an and out of the boats and the spacing of the boats inside the show building. The position is called "Tower". There's an identical position at Pirates of the Caribbean. You ride right under the ride operator looking out a window there too, right as you leave the Load area. Waving is required at Small World, at Pirates it is not.

- Foxx

Biblioadonis aka George said...


In Pirates, can you wave your cutlass at the passing guests from the Tower?

Tony said...

Very funny!

FoxxFur said...

You sure could wave a plastic cutlass if you wanted to, but more likely you'd be shouting through the soundproof wall in frustration to tell people to sit down and stop touching the water. You never want to touch Pirates water. It is unchlorinated, unfiltered, and glows under blacklight (no kidding!).

Andy said...

Very cool list - I agree with George on #7, the tropical feel there, esp. in the winter, would be a nice work environment. And I love #1 - that has always been a neat job in my eyes. Not only from being "on stage" so to speak but also when you think about it you're the first person people really hear from going into the parks so you are just starting out their magical day...


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you are too funny! I am really glad I found your blog. I don't know you, but somehow I feel you would be PERFECT at all those jobs.