Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Facts and Fantasy

Someone could probably run a blog on the single subject of Disney Trivia Books. There sure are plenty of them out there! This one I found at a used book store last summer. It's got 42 pages of your standard Disney questions in catagories like "animated films","live-action films","theme parks" and the ever popular "mousecellaneous".
It's all actually a game you can play with the family, with easier questions for the kiddies and grown-up questions for Mom and Dad. The game portion of the book looks very confusing. There are about 100 tinny-tiny little pieces to punch out of the back of the book so that you can keep score and pick categories and all that good stuff. The book starts out with "The Disney Story" a brief overview of the company's history, managing to make it from Steamboat Willie to Splash in less than five pages.

The Disney Channel plays a major role within this volume of Disney Trivia. Not only are The Disney Channel logo and several early shows featured on the cover many of the questions deal with programing found on The Disney Channel. There's not too many Disney Trivia challenges out there that are going to ask you about "Five Mile Creek", "Mousercise", or "Gun Shy". The emphasis on cable television, the 1984 print date and the lack of a UPC code on the back of the book make me think this book was a giveaway associated with signing up for the then-new premium service. Perhaps it's a gift the local cable operators gave new customers or perhaps Disney sent this book to new subscribers when they signed on during one of The Disney Channel's many...many free preview weekends.

Another neat thing in the book is the number of small black and white illustrations of characters, people and places. Take a look at two pages from inside and enjoy:


Disneyana World said...

What a neat book.

Biblioadonis aka George said...

Thanks for sharing this! Now I have another book to hunt down.

It looks like the trivia could pose some issues after 20 years.