Friday, February 1, 2008

Chipmunks In Your Freezer

When it comes to frozen novelties, it's hard to beat a Mickey-shaped ice cream treat. However, Chip n' Dale had a run in the early 90's with very pleasant results. These tasty fudge flavored treats featured the likeness of both Chip and Dale with either a chocolate or cherry flavored candy as the nose. They were the perfect after-school treat while you sat down to watch The Disney Afternoon. Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers Fudge Bars debuted in 1991 and were produced by a company known as Gold Bond. I assume NOT the same company that makes Medicated Foot Powder.

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Disneyana World said...

I forgot about these.

I always use to get the Mickey Mouse shaped ones.

I like your blog so far, I'm going to add it to my links.