Sunday, June 15, 2008

Studio Entertainment - 1989

The Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park wasn't even two months old when I was lucky enough to pay my first visit. This Entertainment Program managed to make it through a day at the park and then survive another 19 years. One of the things that I miss most about the original days at the Studios was the cool movie merchandise that you could buy there. On that first visit I got an awesome Touchstone Pictures baseball hat that I wore for years. (I loved that hat!)

It doesn't look like there was a whole lot to do back when the park first opened. But it still took you all day to cover the park. The Backstage Studio Tour was a much more grand affair than it is now. This attraction took at least 2 hours to go all the way through.

One of the original ideas for the Studios Theme Park was to always have a celebrity on hand, no matter when you visited. They would participate in the "Star Conversation" show at the Theatre of the Stars where guests could ask big time Hollywood stars whatever questions they wanted. The stars also rode in parades and sometimes put their hand prints in cement in front of the Chinese Theatre.

In case you're wondering here, Morgan Brittany was on the CBS 80's Prime Time soap opera Dallas and Susan Sullivan was part of the cast of another CBS drama, Falcon Crest.


Biblioadonis aka George said...

You can really see the gigantic Hidden Mickey in the map.

I do miss that.

Zach said...

Great stuff! It is easy to forget how absolutely awful MGM was when it opened. Universal was no masterpiece either, but at least they had more than a single ride at opening!