Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The 36 Year Old Disney Sandwich Pick

When I told my mom I was looking for anything she might have laying around her house from our numerous trips to Walt Disney World, she was very quick to offer this little gem. What's more, she knew exactly where this item was...tucked away in a drawer that I don't think I ever even went in all the years that I lived there! Anyhow, I was delighted to be handed this plastic pick from one of the dining establishments at the then newly opened Polynesian Village Resort - 1972. It looks like the kind of pick they'd use to stick an olive on top of a big ol' sandwich, but my mom seems to remember it coming from a drink. So, perhaps it's the kind of pick they jab through a piece of fruit and a cherry and drop in your drink. Bottom line is: It's cool, it's old, it's bizarre that someone would still have it and it's the kind of neato thing that pops up on someone's Disney blog. As you can see, the pick features the Polynesian Resort logo and the words "Walt Disney World - Florida".


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Ut's all in the detials, and this is a terrific one Ed!

The Big Fez said...

they still use picks similar to this. It very much is from a drink.

I don't have one in front of me (wish I did w/ Mai Tai attached), but I think the newer ones have a bit of a larger top (hard to tell in the picture). The 4 tikis are still there, but they have a "gold" printing on everything that is raised.
This could be exactly the same and the years or rubbing against other items in the drawer rubbed all of the "gold" off of it.

Disneyana World said...

Looks almost identical to the Contemporary Resort swizzle stick that I have.

Jungle Skipper said...

We're heading to the Polynesian in just over a month! We'll check out the current selection of swizzle sticks. Maybe I'll post one on my blog: "Jungle is 101".

I'm a former Jungle skipper from Disneyland and a lifetime fan like so many others. Thanks for the post!

Ron Schneider said...

In the summer of 1975 I was working in a luggage repair facility in L.A. processing damaged luggage from LAX. It was dry, boring work in a dusty old warehouse. The highlight of my day was whenever I'd find just such a piece of plastic detritus from WDW floating loose in someone's suitcase.

Still makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

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