Monday, April 21, 2008

Hidden Mickeys: Homemade Edition

This is the kind of thing that separates the casual Disney fan from the kind of Disney fan that names their child after Walt Disney. This is also the kind of thing that could have gotten a fella on the Johnny Carson program. Perhaps you do this too, but my family and I see Hidden Mickeys everywhere. Not just in the Disney theme parks but in the world around us. Like this slice of green pepper here on the right. That's one whole slice, don't ask me how it came out that way!? I just took the picture! Here's some more...

You can make Mickey shaped fried eggs, but it's not every day the yolk just plops right out of the egg and onto the frying pan in a perfect Mickey shape.

This Mickey cloud is extra special. Not only is a big ol' Mickey looking down on us from the heavens, but we spotted this happy cloud at Walt Disney World on the first day of our trip last year as we were heading to the parks for the first time. How cool is that?

I guess this one is kind of a stretch, but this is the way the salad was handed to me at a local restaurant. The dimensions of this Hidden Mickey are too perfect to just overlook...and then eat!

I probably would have not even noticed this parking lot oil slick slightly reminiscent of Mickey except that the parking lot in question is the Disney Cruise Line parking lot. We spotted this "out-of-shape" Mickey after a 4-night cruise back in 2005.

Got any Homemade Hidden Mickeys of your own? Send `em in and we'll run another segment on this topic!

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